Most log homes we stain cost under $5000

Ever year Treetop Log Homes re-stains many log homes built from alot of different logs. Strip and staining your log home doesn't need to break the pocketbook. Most log homes require basic staining techniques and can be done in a short amount of time.
Over the past couple years I have been running into other log home companies that offers a new kind of stain. Once you use this stain you are forced into using over-priced stain. It will not come off easy and can only be top coated by their product. Even the contractor jumps in and his price skyrockets. Our prices have been as low as a 1/3 of the original contractors price to take over the maintenance program.

Let Treetop Log Homes compare our 20 year plan to theirs. We don't supply a maintenance program that requires special products or techniques that forces you into using us. We work hard to satisfy you so the first call will always be to us. Remember that Treetop's estimates are always free.

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Why Treetop Log Homes?

Free Estimates
The only estimates that are not free, is the high priced ones!
Strip Old Stain
Treetop has used all types of techniques to strip log homes. Pressure washing, corn or glass blasting and chemical stripping. We always use the safest and most cost-saving ways for your home.
Spray or Brush
Spraying stain is a technique that requires a lot of practice. We have it mastered with our special ways of blending. Brushing is a longer process that requires a lot more labor. The over all decision is up to the home owner.
Log Home Staining
Treetop Log Homes can bring the luster back out of your home for much less than the competitors charge.
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Completed Log Home Staining

  • Hersey Michigan Strip with pressure washer and re-stain with TWP Cedartone Details
  • Elkhart Indiana Used a environmentally safe stripper and re-stain with Weatherseal Apache Brown Details
  • Kent City Michigan What a nightmare! Home was painted with a latex paint. Re-stained with TWP Cedartone Details