Maintain Yearly

Stain Breakdown
Log home stain breakdown is inevitable, but there are ways to prolong your log home stain. Going as long as 10 years before re-staining your home.
Mold and Fungi
Mold and Fungi build up is a direct result of stain breakdown. Keep your home mold and fungi free with our yearly log maintenance program
Log Rot
Their can be many reasons why your logs are rotting, not just because your stain is breaking down. We can prevent it all.
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Keep your costs down with Preventative Maintenance

A one time a year maintenance plan is the best way to ensure your home is problem free. This low cost maintenance features a log home inspection, log washing, gutter maintenance, pest inspection, energy evaluation, settling inspection and draft infiltration.
Our log home experts will perform this maintenance on your home then go over it all with you. We will give you the proper advice on fixing any issues we find.
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Splash Rot

What is Splash Rot?

Splash rot is the fastest way to destroy a log home. It is caused by water that keeps splashing on them. This provides a water soaked log that is open to a abundance of oxygen. These 2 elements (H2O and Oxygen) is needed to rot your logs. Splash rot can totally destroy logs within 2 years.

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Why Treetop's Yearly Maintenance?

Our yearly log home maintenance plan keeps your home in the best possible condition. It prevents mold and mildew which breaks down your stain causing log rot. We catch problems early that could be costly in the future. Treetop can help also keep your energy costs down and help prevent sticky doors and windows.

Treetop Log Homes is not just log homes, we have preventative maintenance for conventional and brick homes to!

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