Why Log Home?

We are Growing
Treetop Log Homes is growing and soon will be adding many new products and services. Check them out below!

Here at Treetop Log Homes we always do our best to excel at everything we do in the construction industry. If it is a sale of a product or a complete log home build you can always count on us for great pricing and the best possible service you can get.

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Better Air Quality

A log home has walls that are breathable with the outside making a pleasant living environment. The air of your home will be more natural than a conventional home. Better sleep and easy to breathe inside your home even for those who suffer from allergies. Your homes wooden structure has the ability to balance fluctuations in heat and humidity. Your home in turn keeps heat and humidity at a more consistent level.

Why build a conventional home when most of the products that go into your home are man made and can potentially be harmful. Log homes are built of at least 90% of the natural material wood. The products a builder installs in your home are cut inside your home, leaving dust particles that cannot all picked up by a shop vac. Your home may look clean, but is it? Insulation, drywall, paint and more gets cut in your home. The builders are requested to wear dust masks for their health by OSHA. Should you wear these masks?

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Want to build Green?

Wood is one of the most abundant renewable natural resources

Every tree cut for our log home is replaced with a new tree. Treetop Log Homes know that wood is a renewable resource, and that healthy, vibrant forests provide benefits to wildlife, the environment, and to people. Add renewable energy to your log home and you could not get any greener.

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Treetop Log Home Special

This loft style log home is or best finished price log home per square foot. Comes standard with 1690 sf, add a full basement and have 2626 sf

The Treetop Special is a loft style log home with log rafters. It has 4 bedrooms and 2 baths. The porch consists of log posts, log headers and conventional deck construction.

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